By working closely with professional organisations representing all corners of the Performance Capture industry, Jessica Jefferies Casting is committed to ensuring this is a fun, respected, creative and, above all, fair industry to work in.

Casting Directors Association

As a member of the UK's Casting Directors Association,  Jessica and all associates will uphold the Code of Conduct for best practice within casting for all performance capture projects.

Equity UK

By working closely with the actors union Equity UK, Jessica is working to produce the first industry standard contract to be used for any and all performance capture projects. This contract will serve to protect performers and developers/studios alike, setting out clear and fair clauses for best industry practice.

Personal Managers Association

By having a close and open relationship with members of the PMA, Jessica is ensuring an industry wide understanding of what performance capture  is, what the jobs entail and how contracts differ to those within other areas of the industry. 

The British Stunt Register

Opening lines of communication with the British Stunt Register has enabled Jessica to ensure the lines between physical performance and stunts remain as clear as possible, ensuring the safety of performers involved in performance capture projects. A stunt or action co-ordinator will assess the  safety of the proposed actions as well as the capability of the performer(s) and produce legal risk assessments.

Leading Performance Capture Studios

Jessica has a strong and long-standing relationship with the leading motion capture studios in he UK. As these significant changes are coming through in the industry, the studios openness and understanding is both valuable and necessary.