Jessica Jefferies , C.D.A


With nearly 10 years experience as one of the UK’s leading performance capture artists, Jessica has taken her performing and technical knowledge from the industry and is ambitious in applying it when it comes to casting for Performance Capture, VFX and SFX, supervising performers and working closely with directors, developers and producers within the game , TV and film industries.

Knowing first hand what is required from a performer working within the restrictions of both VFX and SFX, Jessica has a warm but thorough process to cast the best talent for each individual project.

Jessica is a member of both the Casting Directors Association and BAFTA, and has a network of freelance experts who she works closely with.

Jessica has worked on various films, television shows and countless video games within her career and has a great relationship with the top studios in the UK.

Recent clients include Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Axis Animation, Virtual Health Shed and all the top UK Performance Capture Studios.